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Fit Workout Routine: Planner - Usability Testing

by Fit Workout Routine

- Go through the app onboarding process -> Create a new user or Sign...

- Go through the app onboarding process -> Create a new user or Sign in With Apple -> Answer the onboarding questions about gender, weight, and fitness goal -> View generated workout plan - Testing Purchase PLEASE READ -> When testing the in-app subscription purchase please select the monthly option which has a 7-day free trial and cancel to not be charged -> After purchasing, cancel the subscription by going to: (through apple settings) Settings > select Apple ID > Subscriptions > Fit Workout Routine: Planner > Cancel Subscription (through app once logged in) Settings tab at the bottom navigation tab > Manage Subscription > Cancel Subscription - Scheduling a workout -> Schedule a workout either through the generated workout routine on "Routines" button on the "Home" tab or select your own exercises on the "Weekly Log" tab - Logging a workout -> Go to the "Weekly Log" tab -> Tap on an exercise to reveal the exercise logger - Other tabs show demonstrations of how to perform the exercise, exercise log history, and a chart of equipment weight progression -> Enter the reps completed and weight of the equipment used -> Once done all sets of the exercise dismiss the exercise logger by pressing cancel -> Select the gray circle button next to the exercise which will change the circle to a check showing all sets are completed - View logged workouts -> Go to the "History" tab -> Select the red circle which indicates a completed workout -> View sets and reps of logged exercises

14 May - 28 May

iOS 6.0 - 17.4.1

iPhone, iPad